Why Aren't You Having Fun Yet?

by Synecdoche

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Synecdoche is:

All songs written by Synecdoche


released June 10, 2014

Recorded by David Hobbs in the Tremont House



all rights reserved


Synecdoche Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Hole (The Band)
October 10th I saw my breath for the first time, and it scared me to think how something held down deep was seen so clearly.
Desperate I try to take it back in
But it froze
And I choke
I choke it back down
And it shook my bones
I fear how much the cold can show
Track Name: Size 2 Gamakatsu
I watched you burn in bed next to me
Smoke filled our lungs and we choked indifferently
Take all that's left of me
What's left of me?
I couldn't douse the flame couldn't be what you need
Trust me, no one hates me more than me.
Track Name: It's High Max and I Don't Stand a Chance
I woke up to your phone call. You were crying so I came and picked you up.
I didn't say much but drive as you let out all that was afflicting you.
I heard my lungs fill with air. All I could say was I'm sorry.
It made me wonder how long the good things last, and if love's just an archetype for movies.
Not something that stayed with you. I think a lot of hope I carried died that day. I don't think anything really lasts at all.
Track Name: "stab him with your knife boot"
I see nothing to find comfort in
Run down buildings occupied by
run down people desperate to get through the day.
There was something else in store.
A hope, a promise, something to hold onto.
You were never there for me.
I'm not strong enough to hold mountains, I get swallowed by the sea. I am weighed down by my problems, I let my weakness carry me.